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Departamento de História |Estudos Asiáticos
Faculdade de Letras • Universidade de Lisboa
Alameda da Universidade • 1600-214 LISBOA
Tel. 217920045
Fax. 217960063
[email protected]
Perfil PhD in Culture Studies obtained from the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University of
Lisbon, and currently teaches Asian Art, Introduction to Asian Literatures and History of Ancient and Imperial China
at the Faculty of Letters (Lisbon University), as well as Asian Visual Culture and Tutorial Classes to MA Students at
the Faculty of Human Sciences (Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon). She has also collaborated with museums
and other institutions and has given her own contribution to several catalogues of exhibitions on China held at such
institutions. She is a member of the research Centre for Communication and Culture (Portuguese Catholic University
of Lisbon), and associate researcher at the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre (Lisbon). She has obtained a
Master’s degree in Asian Studies from the Faculty of Human Sciences of Oporto, a postgraduate degree in Modern
Chinese Studies from the Technical University of Lisbon, a Master’s degree (Laurea) in Oriental Languages and
Literatures from “Ca’Foscari”, University of Venice, and a diploma in Chinese Language from the former Beijing
Languages Institute.
– 2014-Present
Correspondent - International Confucian Association.
Assistant Professor; FLUL-LISBON UNIVERSITY – 2013-Present
Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar) - Licenciatura Estudos Asiáticos/BA Asian Studies
(Introduction to Asian Arts/Introduction to Asian Literatures/History of Ancient and
Imperial China/History of Ming and Qing China).
Invited Assistant Lecturer; FLUL-LISBON UNIVERSITY – 2010-2013
Invited Assistant Lecturer (Assistente Convidada) - Licenciatura Estudos Asiáticos
(Introduction to Asian Arts/Introduction to Asian Literatures/History of Ancient and
Imperial China).
Invited Assistant Lecturer; FCH-PORTUGUESE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY – 2012-Present
Invited Assistant Professor (Professora Auxiliar Convidada) - Mestrado Estudos Asiáticos/
MA Asian Studies.
Invited Assistant Lecturer; ISCSP - TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF LISBON – 2008-2009
Invited Assistant Lecturer (Assistente Convidada) - History of Chinese Philosophy (Curso
de Especialização em Língua e Cultura Chinesas).
Researcher: (
Researcher; CCCM, I.P. – 2007-2011
Researcher - Doctoral Fellowship (FCT-Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia).
Researcher and Translator; CCCM, I.P. – 2003-2007
Researcher and Translator (Department of Information and Documentation and
Audiovisual and Interactive Technologies/Museum).
Translator and Interpreter – 1995-2003
Private sector - civil engineering project (P.R.China)/automotive industry (Portugal).

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