Brief CV
1. Identification
António Martins
E-mail: [email protected]
2. Academic qualifications and teaching activity
BSc Economics, 1985, University of Coimbra
Doctorate in Management (Finance), 1999, University of Coimbra (Dissertation topic: Taxes
and corporate capital structure)
Courses taught at FEUC:
Taxation (undergrad.)
Taxation (Master)
International Corporate Taxation( Underg./Master)
Visiting professor, Miguel Torga Institute, Coimbra (private college) teaching Financial Analysis
From April 2013 – October 2015 co-director of the Phd Program in Management of Coimbra
School of Economics
During short academic visiting periods (1 - 3 weeks) has taught in the following countries, at
Undergraduate, MBA and Masters level; seminar presentations; or in “tailor made” courses for
companies and other entities:
USA (Universities of Utah, Cincinnati, San Jose State, Rutgers); Finland (Laurea Polytechnic),
Poland (University of Lodz), Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil (University of Ceará), Ukraine
(University of Yalta), Slovakia (Univ. Bratislava), Italy (University of Florence), UK (Univ. Exeter),
Bulgaria (Univ Veliko Tarnovo), Peru (ESAN University); Estonia (University of Tartu)
3. Publications
Has been publishing in the areas of Corporate Taxation/Financial Accounting/Finance
3.1 Papers published in the following international journals (scientific database index.)
Journal of Applied Accounting Research (SCOPUS)
European Taxation (EBSCO)
Intertax (EBSCO)
International Journal of Law and Management (SCOPUS)
Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting (EBSCO)
Journal of Human Resources Costing &Accounting (EBSCO)
Management of Environmental Quality: an International Journal (SCOPUS)
Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice (EBSCO)
Gaming Law Review & Economics (EBSCO)
China-USA Business Review (EBSCO)
Journal of Applied Business and Economics (EBSCO)
Tourism and Management Studies (EBSCO)
3.2 Papers In Portuguese Journals
Portuguese Journal of Management Studies - Estudos de Gestão (LATINDEX)
Global Economics and Management Review – Economia Global e Gestão (SCIELO/SCOPUS)
Notas Económicas- Review of Coimbra School of Economics (ECONLIT)
Portuguese Journal of Accounting and Management - Contabilidade e Gestão (LATINDEX)
Boletim de Ciências Económicas - Review of Coimbra Law School (QUALIS – B2)
Revista de Finanças Públicas e Direito Fiscal – Review of Lisbon Law School
Fiscalidade - Revista de Direito e Gestão Fiscal
Boletim da Faculdade de Direito - Review of Coimbra Law School (QUALIS- B2)
Ciência e Técnica Fiscal – Review of the Centre for Fiscal Studies - Ministry of Finance
Economia e Sociologia – Review of University of Évora (LATINDEX)
Revista de Contratos Públicos – Journal of Coimbra Law School
Interações – Review of Miguel Torga Institute (LATINDEX)
3.3 Books
As sole author:
A fiscalidade e o financiamento da empresas , 1999 (Taxes and corporate financing)
Finanças – estudo de casos, 2002 (Cases in Finance)
Introdução à Análise financeira, 2004, (Analysis of financial statements)
Justo valor e imparidade em activos tangíveis e intangíveis, 2010 (Fair value and impairment
charges in tangible and intangible assets)
As a co-author
Introdução à gestão de organizações, 2004 (Introduction to Management, now in 4th edition)
A lei fiscal e a reestruturação empresarial, 2008 (Taxes and corporate restructuring)
Manual de Gestão Financeira, 2009 (Corporate Finance Manual), (now in 2nd edition
4. Consulting experience
Member of the panel of external tax experts of the International Monetary Fund since 2005.
Technical assistance missions in Africa and Latin America
Regular expert witness called by Portuguese courts in cases involving tax and finance matters
Areas of expertise where he has consulting with companies: corporate valuation, restructuring,
tax litigation, financial analysis. Some companies/entities he has consulted for:
Alstom Portugal; Schaffler Portugal; Lusoponte; REN; Santander Consumer; Reditus; ABB
Portugal; IAPMEI; Portuguese Association of Municipalities; Swiss Life Insurers-Portug.
representative; Auchan Portugal; Morais Leitão, Galvão Telles & Associados; Preceram; ARAC;
Cape Verde Tax Authority; Grupo Barraqueiro; OPWAY; Fabory Portugal; Municipality of
Regular member of tax expert panels assembled by the Portuguese government to conduct
studies on tax policy. Reports in which he was a co-author:
Tax benefits (1999)
Taxation of small businesses and tax simplification (2005)- committee chair
Fiscal policy for the medium term (2009)- committee co-chair
Corporate tax reform and internationalization of Portuguese firms (2013)
Member of the Tax Arbitration Courts set up in 2011, in Portugal, to settle disputes up to 10 M
euro between firms and the Tax Administration.
Regularly invited to teach courses for non-specialists, such as: Accounting for lawyers, Finance
for Engineers, Management for Pharmacists
5. Academic conferences where his papers have been presented
National Tax Association
European Accounting Association
Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance
American Society of Public Administration
International Association for Accounting Education and Research
European Economics and Finance Society
ENANPAD (Brazil)
International Finance Conference
Workshop on the Socioeconomics of Ageing
International Academy of Business and Economics
Iberoamerican Tax Law Conference
Economics of Charitable Giving
Jornadas de Contabilidade
Congresso de Direito Fiscal (Annual Tax Law Congress of Lisbon Law School)
GIRA Conference – Corporate Governance, Innovation, Social and Environmental Responsibility
6. Managing positions
He was an equity holder in two small firms. A software company (1995-1998) and a consulting
firm (1993-1998). He had a managing position in the latter firm.
He was advisor to the President of Portuguese Parliament (1992-1993)
He was Director of Documentation and Information Services in the Portuguese Parliament (
7. Other references
He is an occasional contributor to the business/popular press, in newspapers/magazines such
Jornal de Negócios
Diário Económico
Vida Económica
Jornal de Contabilidade
Revista dos TOC
Revista Fiscal
He has appeared in radio /TV programs commenting on tax matters, namely RDP1 – Antena
Aberta, and RTPN.
Languages: Portuguese (native); English (A); Spanish (B) ; French (B) ; Italian (C)

1 Brief CV 1. Identification António Martins E