Embaré Indústrias Alimentícias S.A.
Avenida Brasil, 241, Centro
Lagoa da Prata, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Lagoa da Prata, January 08th 2008
Dear Sir/Madam,
Embaré Indústrias Alimentícias S.A. is pleased to invite you to join the Main
Stakeholder Consultation of our Clean Development Mechanism Project named “GHG
emissions reductions from improved industrial wastewater treatment in Embaré, Lagoa
da Prata, Brazil”.
The project activity consists in the methane recovery from industrial wastewater
treatment and its use as fuel to supply the wastewater facilities’ energy demand. In this
process, malodors in the neighborhood due to the wastewater treatment are expected to
be significantly reduced.
The results of the Initial Stakeholder Consultation, held on November 13th 2007,
pointed out to the necessity to enroll and provide clarifications on this project to the
community of Bairro Gomes, which is located on the surroundings of the project area.
In order to do so, and as the company has a certified Environmental Management
System under ISO 14.001 and cares for a transparent relation with stakeholders, your
contribution to this debate is highly welcomed.
The Main Stakeholder Consultation will take place on the following address:
ARCE – Associação Recreativa dos Colaboradores da Embaré
Rua Almirante Tamandaré, s/n°, Bairro Vale das Mangabeiras
Date: 16/01/2008 – Wednesday
Time: 02:00 pm
Yours Sincerely,
Diomedes Alves Pinto – Director
Embaré Indústrias Alimentícias S.A.

Invitation Letter - Main Stakeholder Consultation