CEL. 19 8340-1800 - TEL. 19 3426-7136 - FRITZ.WIENDL@GMAIL.COM
Rotterdam School of Business, Rotterdam / the Netherlands
2007 - 2009
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Berlin / Germany
M.Sc. International Agricultural Sciences
Thesis: Introduction of fruit processed products into the European marketplace
1998 - 2001
Otto-Suhr-Institut, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin / Germany
Vordiplom Politologie
Specialization: Political Economics, Development Economics
1995 - 1998
Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Piracicaba / Brazil
B.Sc. Agriculture Engineering
Specialization: Marketing of Agricultural Products, Entomology, Agricultural Economics
1991 - 1995
University Professor at “Faculdades Anhangüera de Piracicaba”
Associated Professor: Logistics and Administration
Empresa Brasileira de Composites Ind. e Com. Ltda.
Partner / Commercial Director
Consulting Services: Export of Fresh Fruit
Sales agent for the European market, responsible for the Sales Strategy of Sítio Kawabata and
Fazenda Gavião.
Colibri Ltd
Importing Company based in the Netherlands, grounded in 2005. I was a partner at this company
and my duty was the commercial management. We imported fresh fruits and cosmetics from South
American Countries and distributed it into Europe. Average annual sales was about EUR 3,5 mio.
2005 - 2010
Logistic Business Partners bv
As the South American Sales Manager my duty was to increase client portfolio in the given region as
well as to get client’s feedback in order to improve company´s new products which were introduced
with the enlargement of company´s facilities.
Zoomweg Zeeland Coldstore bv
As a Foreign Markets Sales Manager my duty was to create new products and grow a solid client´s
base once the warehouse was converted from a frozen products warehouse into a sophisticated
2004 - 2005
services company acting in the fresh business, mainly fresh fruit. This position was project oriented
with a given time frame.
HLB Tropical Food GmbH / Caliman International
As the company´s R&D Director my duty was to promote joint efforts with key suppliers like Caliman
Agrícola S/A from Brazil, AGRODAN Agropecuária Roriz Dantas Ltda. And some other smaller
suppliers in order to increase business volume and reduce costs. Key achievements were changing
logistics from air to sea for fresh papayas, introduce HLB own product lines with various items such
as papayas, Formosa papayas, mangoes, fresh figs, limes, sweet persimmon, ginger, pineapple and
other small exotics.
2000 - 2004
Student Employee (Internship)
CEESA Project, Natural Ressources Department of the Humboldt University of Berlin.
My duty was to give support to the research team in all its activities like literature research, but also
back office work.
Student Employee (Internship)
Coordination Office at the Master’s in International Agricultural Sciences’ office at the Humboldt
University of Berlin.
1998 - 1999
My duty was mainly to help coordination office to develop the M.Sc. program marketing strategy,
mainly back office activities but also in the development of marketing strategies to reach foreign
students living abroad.
British Airways Berlin
Customer Service, Tegel Airport, Berlin.
My duty was to take care of passengers needing help, mainly kids traveling alone and elderly people.
On a second moment I was also engaged in the check-in and the baggage claims activities.
Berliner Vehrkehr Betrieb (BVG)
Statistics and data collection at the Berlin Urban Transport Company, Berlin.
Associação Brasileira de Sementes e Mudas (ABCSEM)
As the association´s Executive Secretary my duty was to develop lobby activities and keep
association´s members aware of political discussions being held. São Paulo, Brasil.
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Summer Summit of the International Society for Horticultural Sciences, 2002 – Belgium
International Fresh Cut Association, 2002 – EUA
Geisenheimer Tagung, 2001 – Germany
UC Davis Postharvest Short Course, 2001 – EUA
Portuguese – mother language
German – speaks, reads and writes fluently
Dutch – speaks, reads and writes fluently
English – speaks, reads and writes fluently
Spanish – speaks, reads and writes fluently
French – speaks, reads and writes at an advanced level
Italian – speaks, reads and writes on a basic level
Flying gliders
Working with word: carpentry, word carving, etc

Curriculum vitae