Renato Lima de Oliveira
Department of Political Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building E53-477
Cambridge, MA 02139
Cambridge, MA, USA
Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science.
Dissertation project: “Local content and innovation policies in the O&G sector: Brazil,
Malaysia and Mexico.”
M.A. in Latin American Studies, May 2011.
[email protected]
Urbana, IL, USA
Thesis “Dealing with plenty: Brazil in the era of surplus oil” advised by Jose Antonio
Cheibub, Boeschenstein Professor of Political Economy and Public Policy, Political
Science Department, UIUC.
B.A. in Social Communication/Journalism, October 2004.
Recife, PE, Brazil
“Corrupção Burocrática e Empreendedorismo: Uma Análise Empírica dos Estados
Brasileiros.” (Bureaucratic Corruption and Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Analysis of
Brazilian States) (with Felipe de Melo and Luciano Sampaio). Revista de Administração
Contemporânea (Journal of Contemporary Management), v. 19, n. 3, art. 5, pp. 374397. Rio de Janeiro, 2015.
“Política industrial e empresas estatais no Brasil: BNDES e Petrobras (with Mansueto
Almeida and Ben Ross Schneider) in Capacidades Estatais e Democracia, ed.
Alexandre Gomide and Roberto Pires, 323-347. Brasília: IPEA, 2014.
“Rendas do petróleo e transparência fiscal em municípios brasileiros,” Petróleo,
Royalties & Região, VIII, nº 32, (2011).
Conversas no Café – uma seleção de entrevistas do Café Colombo (with Marcelo
Sandes, Eduardo Maia, Marcelo Correia and Ketnaldo José). Recife (PE): Editora Nossa
Livraria, 2007. ISBN – 978.85.88144.99-6.
“Lincoln Gordon e o Golpe” in Na Trilha do Golpe. Recife: Editora Massangana
(FUNDAJ), 2004. ISBN – 978.85.70194.17-6.
Book review: “Milton Friedman, a biography” by Lanny Ebenstein, in Revista de
Economia & Relações Internacionais. Vol 7. No. 13. July 2008. FAAP. ISSN 1677-4973.
17.310 - Science, Technology, and Public Policy, with Kenneth Oye (MIT, 2014)
17.000 - Political Philosophy, with Lucas Stanczyk (MIT, 2014)
Matthew Amengual (MIT-Sloan, 2015)
F. Daniel Hidalgo (MIT-Political Science, 2013)
Ben Ross Schneider (MIT-Political Science, 2012)
“Local content requirements in the oil and gas industry in developing
countries: the return of ISI?” Latin American Studies Association (LASA) 2015, May 2730 2015, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
“Can Politicians Police Themselves? Natural Experimental Evidence from Brazil’s Audit
Courts,” co-authored with Julio Canello and F. Daniel Hidalgo. 52nd Annual Meetings
of the Public Choice Society, March 12-15, San Antonio, Texas.
“When Do Reinstated Democracies Hold the Military Accountable? Truth
Commissions and Military Trials in Comparative Perspective,” IX meeting of the
Brazilian Political Science Association (ABCP), Brasília, 08/2014.
“Fueling development? Assessing the Impact of Oil and Soybean Wealth on
Municipalities in Brazil,” co-authored with Martin Liby Alonso. REPAL 2014 Annual
Conference, Institute of Political Science of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
Santiago, Chile, 06/2014. Paper awarded the honorable mention of the conference.
“Do oil windfalls affect government transparency? Evidence from Brazil,” IGU
Commission on Geography of Governance, University of Lisbon, 04/2012.
“Oil Rents in Brazil: Intergenerational Equity, Resource Curse, and Federalism Issues,”
Brazil’s contemporary socio-economic aspects, Tinker Workshop, Urbana (IL), 10/
“Rebellions of the ‘inferiors’: racial views in Palmares and Canudos,” American
Portuguese Studies Association, Brown University, 10/2010.
Kellogg Institute for International Studies - University of Notre Dame, 30 years of
Brazilian Democracy: A Research Workshop (April 20-21, 2015)
Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) / EBAPE, Rio de Janeiro (April 08, 2015)
Tiradentes University, Sergipe (August 03, 2014)
Recife, PE, Brazil
Senior reporter of business: I covered the financial and the oil market, writing daily
pieces and special coverage, including award winning reportages.
PROJETEC (2006-2008)
Recife, PE, Brazil
Environmental consultant: I worked in the writing and editing staff that produced
environmental impact reports (RIMA) of five hydro electrical dams in the States of
Maranhão and Piaui, as well as an irrigation project in Petrolina (PE). All of these are
infrastructure projects in Brazil.
BBC World Service (2003)
London, UK
Intern: I won the contest “You were born to be a journalist” held by BBC Brasil in
2003. As a prize, I interned at their expenses at BBC Brasil in London, in July of 2003.
Recife, PE, Brazil
Program director and radio host: I launched, with colleagues, a radio show about
books and ideas, called “Café Colombo.” It is still broadcast from UFPE’s official radio
station in Pernambuco, is also available at and in 2007 we
published a book with selected interviews. I also occasionally hosted a TV show about
business and culture.
Freelance writer to several news publications in Brazil.
Awards, and
- Adam Smith Fellowship, Mercatus Center/George Mason University (2014-2015).
- MIT Center for International Studies Summer Study Grant, 2014.
- Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (IQMMR) summer course
fellowship (2013).
- Hayek Fund for Scholars, Institute for Humane Studies (2012).
- Joseph Gavin Summer Fellowship - MIT (2011).
- Vale/MIT Energy Initiative Fellowship – 2011-2012.
- Bernard Marcus Fellowship 2011-2012.
- Jorge Paulo Lemann Fellowship, Center for Latin American Studies (UIUC), 20092011.
- Tinker Field Research Fellowship, Summer 2010.
- Undergraduate research fellowship by the Pernambuco Science and Technology
Support Agency (Facepe), 2001-2002.
- Journalistic Prizes: 1) First place in printed media (Pernambuco) of the Banco do
Nordeste Press Prize of 2005; 2) Second place in the National Press Prize by the
Rational Use of Energy Program (Petrobras and Eletrobrás) in 2006 for a special report
on Brazil’s self-sufficiency on oil consumption (with Ângela Belfort); 3) First place in
the Regional Category of the Mongeral Press Prize of 2007 for a special coverage of
the Brazilian pension system (with Ines Andrade).
- Award Books’ Friend (Amigo do Livro) granted by the local non-governmental
organization Civitate, on behalf of the work of “Café Colombo” (2007).
- Award “Amigo da CPRH” (Friend of the Pernambuco’s Environmental Agency), in
recognition to my journalistic work covering environmental issues (2007).
- Selected by the German government and Goethe Institute to attend the Seminar
Germany Today with activities in Berlin, Potsdam, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Weimar, Bonn
and Essen for outstanding Brazilian journalists (2006).
- Visiting Fellow at the Fundación para él Análisis y los Estudios Sociales (FAES),
Madrid, Spain. 2004.
Co-coordinator of the Latin American Research Working Group – MIT (2014-2015).
Co-coordinator of the Graduate Student Working in Progress Workshop – MIT (2014).
Co-president of the MIT Mining, Oil and Gas Club (MOG,
Treasurer at the MIT Eastgate Executive Committee (2012-2014).
Year of Birth: 1981
Gender: Male.
Nationality: Brazilian.

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