Susana Vieira
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Departure from Catholic University - 09 August
Porto city historic city centre is UNESCO World Heritage (1996), and is also a living organism where old and contemporary
architecture co-exist. For instance, the city's main avenue, Aliados Avenue, opened in 1919 by Barry Parker, has been
renovated in 2006 by Álvaro Siza and Souto Moura, (both Pritzker Prizes), taking advantage of the opportunity created by
the implementation of Porto's subway. We will saw the House of the 24, designed by Fernando Távora and built in 2002, on
the foundations of the former House of Representatives of the XV century. We'll see the greatest view of Porto from Gaia,
the opposite city, along the trip in Gaia Rope-way teleferic. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Serralves designed by
Siza and Casa da Música designed by Rem Koolhaas will complete the visit to contemporary Porto.
9h30 - Start of the tour at Catholic University
Aliados Avenue, redesigned by Siza and Souto de Moura
10h00 / 10h45 - Lello library
(visit of interior)
Clerigos Tower
S. Bento Train station
Porto's Cathedral
11h15 / 11h45 - Casa dos 24, by Fernando Távora
Crossing D. Luís Bridge at its upper level
12h00 - Gaia Rope-Way Teleferic, by Cristina Guedes and
Francisco Vieira Campos.
By Bus:
13h00 / 14h30 - Lunch at Serralves
14h30 / 15h45 –Serralves Contemporary Art Museum,
by Siza Vieira
(visit of the interior)
16h00 / 17h30 – Casa da Música, by Rem Koolhaas
(also a Pritzker Prize)
By subway, designed by Souto de Moura
Casa da Música subway station to Trindade subway
station (at the city centre)
18h00 – End of visit at Trindade subway station
12h30 - Bar do Cálem and Bar “Ar de Rio”,
Services: experienced local architect as a guide,
bars in Porto's Douro and Gaia's riversides by Cristina Guedes english speaker, brochures delivery of some buildings
and Francisco Vieira Campos
in english
Group size: minimum: 6 pax / max: 25 pax.
Time of booking: 1 week minimum in advance
Note: on Monday it isn't possible to visit the museum
Tickets of Gaia Rope-Way Teleferic, Serralves,
Casa da Música, subway, bus transportation, and
lunch buffet at Serralves (variety of Cold Dishes
and Salads, 3 Hot Dishes – Fish, Meat and
Vegetarian, and a delicious Desserts buffet,
including typical desserts and Fruits of the Season,
no drinks included.)
Rate per person
Group of 6
Group 7/12
Group 13/25
- EUR 158,00
- EUR 137,00
- EUR 115,00
Departure from Catholic University - 06 August
09h00am to 12h30am
14h00pm to 17h30pm
The trip to Aveiro will take about 45 minutes drive. Known as the "V
and is considered one of the most attractive destinations in the cou
and Art Nouveau with its quiet urban - an ideal place for your vacati
nearby of the Atlantic Ocean.
Aveiro is also well known by the typical sweets of egg yolk and the c
What we suggest you is a walking tour in the centre of Aveiro includi
will learn how to do the sweets continuing with a cruise in a typical M
Back to Porto
Rate per person
10/19 pax
20/30 pax
31/40 pax
- EUR 44,00
- EUR 40,00
- EUR 35,00

Full Day Contemporary Porto