Paulo Coelho
Christina Oiticica
It is a great pleasure for us to present you “Caminhos
Revividos” (Revived Memories).
This is the first album of art that gathers together handwritten
texts by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho from his books,
illustrated by the plastic artist Christina Oiticica, idealized and
hand-made through lithography and serigraphy techniques by
Lithos Edições de Arte Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
This art work was released in a single edition for the whole
world with a commercial issue of 200 books, each one being
numbered and signed by the author and each illustration by the
Language: Portuguese
Size: 50 x 35 x 07 cm Open: 50 x 70 cm
Weight: 6,3 Kg
Cover: a hand-made box, covered with bucol exc. satin, old golden color
and handwritten in silver
Content: 40 printing boards with manuscript facsimile texts by Paulo
Coelho of his books and essays
40 unpublished illustrations by Christina Oiticica
480 colors have been used
Paper: Rives Tradittion
Color: bright white
Thickness: 250 g/m2
Total number of hand printings over 115.200
Technical process: serigraphy and cromo lithography
selection of colors by artisans (hand-made)
Signatures: 8.200 total (author 200 and artist 8.000)
Single commercial edition: 1/200 until 200/200
PA (proof of the artist): 1/20 until 20/20
PI (proof of the publisher): 1/10 until 10/10
HC (hors de commerce): 1/10 until 10/10
Unit price: US$ 5,000
Shipping & handling (25 to 30 days): US$ 120
Mrs. Euci Dalforne
Illustration of Book
Paulo Coelho is the most widely read Brazilian writer. He was born in Rio de
Janeiro and is the most translated and sold author in the history of Brazil. Up to
December 2003, he had sold 65 million books and according to the American
magazine “Publishing Trends,” his book “Eleven Minutes” was the best seller in
2003, although it had not been released in the United States, Japan and ten other
countries. It was released there only in 2004. “The Alchemist” was ranked sixth in
worldwide sales in 2003. “Eleven Minutes” has topped the best sellers everywhere
where it was released, not including England, where it was ranked second place.
“The Alchemist” is one of the most important literary phenomenon in the twentieth
It became the Brazilian best seller in the History. It has topped the best seller list in
18 countries and eleven million books were sold. It has been praised by people like
the Nobel prize in literature Kenzaburo Oe, the actress Julia Roberts and the
singer Madonna, who has considered it as her favorite book.
It was a source of inspiration for many projects, such as a musical play in Japan,
stage plays in France, Belgium, United States, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland. It is now
the theme of two symphonies (in Italy and in the USA) and had its texts illustrated
by the famous designer Moebius (author, among others, of the centennial “the
Fifth Element”and “Alien”). The film rights for The Alchemist were acquired by
Warner Brothers. His books have been translated into fifty six languages and
published in over 150 countries.
Paulo Coelho is:
- Member of the“Brazilian Academy of Letters”
- Member of the Board of Director of Schwab Foundation for Social
- Unesco’s Special Counselor for Intercultural Dialogues and Spiritual
- Member of the Board of the Shimon Peres Institute for Peace
- He has founded Paulo Coelho Institution/RJ (for children and elderly people),
financed exclusively with the author’s royalties.
Main prizes and awards:
- Official of Arts and Letters (France 2003)
- Bambi prize for the Cultural Personality of the Year (Germany 2001)
- Fregene Prize in Literature (Italy 2001)
- Crystal Mirror Award (Poland 2000)
- Chevalier de L’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur (France 2000)
- Golden Medal of Galicia (Spain 1999)
- Crystal Award / World Economic Forum (honored as the most important prize Davos, Switzerland 1999. He was invited seven consecutive times to take part in
the Forum)
- Commander of “Ordem do Rio Branco” (Brazil 1998)
- Finalist for the “International IMPAC Literary Award” (Ireland 1997)
- Golden Book (Yoguslavia 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995)
- Super Grinzane Cavour Book Award (Italy 1996)
- Flaiano International Award (Italy 1996)
- Knight of Arts and Letters (France 1996)
- Grand Prix Litteraire Elle (France 1995)
→ Paulo Coelho entered the Guinness Book of Records as the author who had
more book signings in different publications (9/October/2003, Book Fair in
A Norwegian community, Arendal, gave “The Alchemist” to all their government
employees as a way of stimulating a new thinking. A number of MBA courses such
as The Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago have
recommended “The Alchemist” in their curriculum. It was also adopted in schools
in more than thirty countries.
France, Spain, Argentina, Mexico have published special editions for students.
Our Holy Saint, the Pope John Paul II, received the author at the Vatican in 1998.
Italian writer, Umberto Eco, has praised “Veronika decided do die” in the German
magazine “Focus.”
Printing boards “Caminhos Revividos”
The artist was born in Rio de Janeiro and nowadays with inspiration at Pirineus,
France, where lives, develops near at nature an exercise of direct interference, in
which her works were left on river-beds, forests, in the woods, trees, etc. Her most
new exhibition “The Four Seasons” reflect that integration.
Her works were created after her visual impression as a pilgrim in Santiago de
In her works, she depicts the world in a simple and direct way, as well as the
present moment and the society she lives in.
Christina Oiticica belongs to the experimental generation of the 70’s, and that can
be analyzed through the scenery of “Carregador de Pérolas,” in which each piece
- embroidered tulle bags, pearls, a Japanese garden and the green light that filters
all the space creates an optical and tactile view, more sensorial than intellectual.
On the other hand, in another exhibition “O Fio das Contas,” Christina Oiticica
shows her talent using technological innovations from the end of the century,
manipulating new formal elements when she uses the computer as a tool that is
being much used in the hands and minds of the artists.
By reproducing the image through such technique, the artist reechants her
paintings through the action of the line, using wax, bitumen, sealing-wax or the old
fashioned way of reproducing, that is, the rubber stamp.
* “Les Quatre Temps” - Festival Infr’action – International Festival of
Performance – Galerie Open Space – Sète – France (12/Sept to 17/Sept)
* “Caminho Peregrino” (individual)
Gallery of Hotel el Peregrino – Relais & Chateaux - Puente la Reina – Navarra
– Spain (13/May/2007 to May/2009)
* Museo de Kalisz – Décentrismo – Polônia (11/April to 20/May)
* Infr’action – International Festival of Performance – Sète – France (20/Sep to
* “Sceny of Women” (coletiva) – Solange Rabello Gallery – Miami – USA
* Exposicão 4B – As Neves (coletiva) – Galícia - Spain (12/May)
* Temporary Art Center (coletiva) – Eindhoven – Dutch (12/May)
* BACI Gallery (coletiva) – Washington – USA (21/Apr to 08/May)
* Galerie Saint-Pierre sise 10 - Limoges – France (25/Nov/05 to 26/Jan/06)
* Galerie Saint-Pierre sise 10 – Limoges – France (25/Nov to 26/Jan/2006)
* Mairie du 6ème arrodissement / Prefeitura (coletiva) – Lyon – France
(14/Nov to 27/Nov)
* “Floresta Abstrata” – Lyon – France (14/Nov – 27/Nov)
* “Floresta Abstrata (ind.) – Galerie Crous Beaux Arts – Paris – France
(20/Sep to 01/Oct)
* “Caminhos Revividos”– Louis Vuitton – S.P. – Brazil (18/Aug to 10/Oct)
Louis Vuitton – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (17/Aug to 10/Oct)
* “Diálogos 4B” – Onate – Spain (09 – 30/Jun)
* “Conexão 2005” – Bolsa do RJ – Brazil (04 – 20/Jul)
* “Paisagens Imaginárias” – Maison des Écritures (ind.)– Lyon - France (01 to
* “Amphi Décor”- Tarbes – France (09 to 16/Apr)
* Solange Rabello Art Gallery – Miami – USA (10 to 28/Feb)
* “The Four Seasons” - France-Brazil House - RJ. - Brazil (Dec/04-Jan/05)
* “The Four Seasons”- Candido Portinari Gallery – Rome - Italy (17/May to
* BIVA – Brazilian Institute for Visual Arts – Brussels (22/May to 31/May)
* 4th Visual of Fothographies Exhibition–Biennial of Liège- Belgium (14/Feb to
* Mestna Galerija - Ljubjana – Eslovênia (Dec/03 to Jan/04)
* “As Quatro Estações” - Mestnua Galerija (individual) - Ljubjana - Eslovênia
(08/Dec//03 to 28/Jan/04)
* “Virtual Signals Exhibition” – France-Brazil House – RJ. Brazil (17/Nov
* Cultural Centre of Post Card – RJ. Brazil (15/Sep to 26/Oct)
* ARS 31 – Bruxelas – Bélgica (25/04 a 24/05)
* 48th Salon of Art Contemporary of Montrouge – France (30/Apr to 20/May)
* Unesco Palace – International Exhibition of Art – Beirute
* 2 Cassino das Artes – Shopping Cassino Atlântico (coletiva) – Rio de Janeiro –
Brasil (13/02 a 08/03)
* “Les Quatre B” – Bearn, Bigorre, Pays Basque et Brasil – Mairie de Monenh France (03/Mar to 13/Mar)
* 2 Cassino das Artes – Shopping Cassino Atlântico (coletiva) – Rio de Janeiro –
Brazil (13/Feb to 08/March)
* “Art Lab” – Focus Gallery – Brussels – Belgium (21/Nov to 22/Dec)
* “Dialogues 4B Pyrenees/Bresil” – Maison Batcave Orthez – France
to 07/Dec)
* “Caminhos Recolhidos”- National Museu of Fine Arts (individual) – RJ. (09/Oct
to 11/Nov)
* “Caminhos Recolhidos”: Época Gallery of Arts – Goiânia - Brazil
* National Museum of Fine Arts – RJ. Brazil (09/Oct to 11/Nov)
* “Rites-Myths-Beliefs”De Melkeerij – Beisem – Belgium (09/May to 28/May)
*Oscar Wilde House – Dublin – Ireland (09/Dec to 19/Dec)
* “Parcours, Récoltes” Lafayette Gallery – Paris – France (Oct)
* Multimodal Espace of Embassy of Brazil in Berlin – Germany (Nov)
* Debret Gallery – Paris – France (Nov)
* La Petite Galerie – Brussels (Oct)
* Artexpo – Jacob Javits Convention Center – New York - USA
* Gallery of Art Ipanema – RJ. Brazil
* Aeroporto Guarulhos (individual) – SP.
* “La Maison Du Temps” – Centre Social et Culturel Franco-Brésilien (ind.) –
Paris – France (May)
* National History Museum (ind.) – RJ. Brazil
* Galeria do Poste / instalation – Niterói – RJ.
* “Fio das Contas” and “Carregador de Pérolas”(ind.) - Cândido Mendes
Cultural Centre – RJ. Brazil (March)
* Helio Oiticica Centre of Arts (ind.) – RJ. Brazil (March)
* “O Círculo e o Ponto, O Ponto e o Círculo”(col.) – Artexpo – Jacob Javits
Center – New York - USA
* Galeria de Arte Portal (ind.) – SP. Brazil (October)
* Citibank – RJ. (individual)
* Museu Nacional de Belas Artes – RJ. – Brazil (individual)
1996: * “Joana D’Arc”- Casa França Brasil – RJ. - Brazil (individual)
1995: * Museu Histórico Nacional – RJ. - Brazil (individual)
1994: * “Anjos” - Centro Cultural Light – RJ. – Brazil (individual)
1993: * Casa de España – RJ. – Brazil (individual)
* Centro Cultural Avatar – RJ. – Brazil (individual)
* Caixa Econômica Federal – Olinda – PE. - Brazil (individual)
* Jymmy Bastian Pinto – RJ.- Brazil (individual)
1985: * “Performance” – Metrô do RJ - Brazil.
* Parque Lage – RJ. (coletiva) - Brazil
* Museu de Arte Moderna – RJ. – Brazil (coletiva)
* Bazar Brasil – RJ.- Brazil (individual)
2005: * “Caminhos Revividos”
First book of art by writer Paulo Coelho, ilustrated by Christina
2004: * “As Quatro Estações”(Four Seasons)
Book about the trajectory of Exhibition of the artist
2001: * “História para pais, filhos e netos”
Book of writer Paulo Coelho ilustrated by Christina, with more 40 colors images
* “Galeria do Poste”
* “Diary Paulo Coelho” – Editora Tilibra
2000: * “Brazilian Art Book”
* Magazine “Ventura” – ilustration of Caminho de Santiago
* Book “Decor” – Rio de Janeiro
* Book “Os Anjos estão de volta” – Edições Pinacoteca
* Book “Le Pèlerin de Compostelle” of author Paulo Coelho – Editora Illustrée
Printing boards “Caminhos Revividos”
Lithos Edições de Arte Ltda., RJ., Brazil, is a publishing house that has over eighty
years of tradition in handicraft artistic printing of high technical quality in
lithography and serigraphy, reproductions, art books, stamps and greeting cards,
with strict quality pattern, controlling each production phase, through a
serigraphy void table and the Voirin Marinoni printing press from the nineteenth
century, one of the only six still in operation all over the world.
Lithos has one of the most important printing heap in Brazil. The artist numbers
and signs each printing drawing board, according to the international conventions,
thus guaranteeing its originality and authenticity.
Printing boards “Caminhos Revividos”

Caminhos Revividos