1. Complete with the correct reflexive pronoun and emphasizing pronouns:
a) You both should be ashamed of ____________.
b) I’m very proud of___________.
c) The movie_______was
interesting, but the actors’ performance was not.
d) Luiza cooked the meal_________.
e) Let’s clean the house _____________.
f) They decided to quit their jobs and work by __________.
g) I’ve cut_________with
that knife .
h) Why don’t you clean it__________?
i) He and she enjoyed___________at
the concert.
j) You and Mary looked at __________in
the mirror.
Test 1
(ACAFE - SC) - Complete the following sentence with
the correct reflexive pronoun:
The chimpanzees cut________with pieces of glass.
a) itself
b) himself
c) themselves
d) herself
e) ourselves
Test 2
(Mack - SP) - Mark the option that completes the sentence
I think of _____________ too much. My aunt thinks of
__________as well and often forgets
to think of ___________.
a) myself / me / herself
b) myself / herself / herself
c) me / me / himself
d) me / me / herselves
e) I / herself / himself
Test 3
(UNIFAE - SP) - Mark the best option:
Alice hurt __________ when she was trying to save
a) herself / them
b) hers / him
c) himself / herself
d) yourself / them
e) themselves / them
Test 4
(AFA - SP) - Mark the best option to complete the sentence:
They intended to keep all the money for _________.
Jack________ gave me this information. What is going to
happen to __________ now?
a) they / his own / ours;
b) themselves / himself / us
c) theirselves / himself / we
d) they own / by him / ourselves.
Test 5
(UFG0) - Mark the best option:
Help __________to a chocolate.
a) myself;
b) himself;
c) herself;
d) yourself;
e) itself.
Test 6
(ITA - SP) – She______ made a cake for _____ birthday .
a) herself / hers
b) herself / her
c) himself / his
d) himself / her
e) herself / his
Test 7
(FUVEST – SP) – Traduza para o inglês apenas as
expressões entre aspas.
“Ela própria” escolheu a cor; mas o vestido “em si”
era feio.
She herself
| _______________
Test 8
(FCMSC - SP) - Mark the best option related to
the sentence below.
Society has _____ troubles and we have to face
________. One must protect _________ against
unscrupulous people.
a) it - her - ourselves
b) its - him - themselves
c) its - them - oneself
d) it - them - themselves
e) their - them - himself
Test 9
"Carol and her boyfriend did the work by themselves".
This means that:
a) Carol helped her boyfriend to do the work.
b) Carol's boyfriend did the work alone.
c) They did the work without help.
d) Carol's boyfriend helped her with the work.
e) Carol did the work alone.
Test 1O
Put into English:
Ontem eles viram o próprio Presidente.
a) Yesterday they saw the own President.
b) Yesterday they saw himself the President.
c) Yesterday they saw the President himself.
d)Yesterday they saw the President themselves.
e) Yesterday they saw the President by himself.
Test 11
(UNESP - SP) - Mark the best option:
Those two women always help _____________.
a) other each;
b) each other;
c) one other;
d) other one;
e) another each.
Test 12
(UFCE) - Choose the correct alternatives which can complete
the sentence below.
Human beings ________to preserve _________.
01) are doing too little - themselves;
02) did not do much - nature;
04) has done a lot - hungry people;
08) expecting - natural resources;
16) will try - the human race.
Test 13
(UFPR) - Which of the altemative(s) complete(s)the
sentences appropriately?
After the accident Graham was not able to dress _____for six
weeks. The nurses helped ______ a lot until he had _______
plaster taken off. So, when Graham went home, he sent
_________ a postcard.
01) him - him - their - them;
02) him - himself - his - her;
04) himself - himself - his - them;
08) himself - themselves - their - her;
16) her - her - them - themselves;
32) himself - him - his - them.
Test 14
(FMP - SP) - Assinale a alternativa correta:
I took my husband to the airport ________.
a) himself
b) oneself
c) myself
d) herself
e) yourself.
Test 15
Assinale a alternativa que substitui corretamente as palavras
grifadas e preencha as orações com os pronomes adequados.
Mrs. Simpson left the office immediately after her children had
called __________ up. The kids said they were at home by
_________ because their father had gone out.
a) They; her; them; they;
b) her; hers; herself; they;
c) she; them; themselves; he;
d) them; her; themselves; him;
e) they; her; themselves; he.
Test 16
(lTA SP) - Dadas as sentenças:
1.He himself refused to talk to her.
2.They cut theirselfs with a knife yesterday.
3. Why don't you cut the orange herself.
Constatamos que está (estão) correta(s):
a) apenas a sentença n0 1
b) apenas a sentenga n0 2
c) apenas a sentenga n 3
d) apenas as sentengas n 01 e n0 2
e) todas as sentenças.
Test 17
(PUC-PR) - Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronouns:
Dear Debbie.
How are you? Lisa and I are having a marvelous holiday. We
are really enjoying_________.
We brought three tubes of suntan cream with ________and
we've used all up already. Lisa is a bit annoyed because her
suntan isn't as good as ________.
a) ourselves - we - them - mine
b) ourselves - us - them - mine
c) us - us - they - my
d) us - we - themselves - mine
e) ourselves - ourselves - they my
Test 18
(PUCPR) - Lucy hates John and John hates lucy. Lucy and
John hate_________.
a) themselves
b) itself
c) each other
d) herself
e) himself
Test 19
(UEL-PR) - It's no easy task to do justice to Leonardo da Vinci,
but "Leonardo the Inventor“, a CD-ROM from InterActive Eletronic
Publishing, is an outstanding new entry in the rapidly growing field
of multimedia biographies. The screen that introduces the
inventions features a cleverly animated Mona Lisa. There are
animations of each invention and videos of modern versions of his
visionary creations (the helicopter and tank, among others). A
multimedia kind of guy_______, Leonardo would have loved it.
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna do
a) myself
b) herself
c) themselves
d) himself
e) ourselves
Test 20
Thanks for the article "Rape and Aftermath“, which shows the world
the plight of the Kosovar rape victims (SPECIAL REPORT, May 24).
Do the people sitting comfortably in the Vatican know what a rape
victim has to go through? Who has more right to decide the number
of children a woman should bear, and under what circumstances?
The man who rapes her? The man who orders the rape? The man
who sits on his chair in Rome? Or the woman______ ?
(Mindy Roseman Adaptado de Newsweek. June 21 1999)
Preenche corretamente a lacuna do texto.
a) her
b) hers
c) herself
d) himself
e) themselves
Test 21

2 – Reflexive Pronouns – Tests