English I
Week August 24,
Lecture 25
to introduce compound nouns
and adjectives
to Introduce abbreviations and
Acronyms (locals and
to improve reading and
translation skills
Read the texts and identify
compound nouns, abbreviations and
Asking for Email Address
Email is a daily part of the office
life. Everybody and every company
uses email as a way to
communicate quickly. The
bookseller sent an email to our
boss saying that he could not
come because he had headache
and he had no driving-license.
Text continues
 This
happened in the new-year, in
an iced-cold weather. This lesson
will cover all aspects of using
"Can I have your email address?"
"What is your email address?"
"Do you have an email account?"
Text continues
 "My email address is someone
at hotmail dot com
"It is someone@hotmail.com”
"Do you have his email
"What was her email address
Text Continues
 However, nobody
sent an email to
the United Nations (UN)
headquarters or the Southern
African Development Community
(SADC). Mr John and Dr Peter
also forgot to email the secretary
of European Union (EU).
Text Continues
 People's
Movement for the
Liberation of Angola (MPLA),
National Union for the Total
Independence of Angola (UNITA)
and National Liberation Front of
Angola(FNLA) sent an email
dealing with issues related to the
peace accord.
Translate into Portuguese
The prince says (that) I have to find
the owner of this shoe. A girl lost
it at the ball last night. When he
finds her, the prince will marry
her. The lucky girl will be a
princess. Will you try it on ladies?
A: It must be mine! Give it to me!
Look! It’s exactly my size!
Text continues
You must be mad! It can’t be
your shoe.Your feet are
enormous, and this shoe is small
and delicate, just like my feet.
C:You guys are grown-ups stop
that! You won’t have boyfriends if
you behave like kids.
Definition acronyms of
Abbreviations and
 What is an acronym?
It is a word formed from the initial letter or
letters of each of the successive parts or major
parts of a compound term (Merriamwebster.com/dictionary/acronym)
 What´s an abbreviation?
- It is a shortened form of a word or name that is
used in place of the full word or name
Translate into English
Natal é altura do ano em que compramos
presentes para as nossas famílias. Os homens
compram vestidos e perfumes para as suas
mulheres. As mulheres compram camisas e
relógios para os maridos. Os pais compram
bicicletas, jogos de computadores, rádios e
DVDs aos filhos.Também compramos
comida. As pessoas compram comida
habitual, tal como batatas, tomates e pão,
mas também compram comida especial, tal
como chocolates e bacalhau. Na noite de
Natal as prateleiras dos supermercados

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