Phase formation in refractory lining of Steel Ladle during
the campaign.
R. R. Barreto (1), B. A. Vidal(1), F. Vernilli(1), Vinicius F. Nascimento(2)
Universidade São Paulo, Lorena, SP, Brazil
Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional, RJ, Brazil
Due to the wide use of refractory materials used in steel ladles of steelmakers and its strong
economic impact on the cost of steel production, it became necessary to understand the
phenomena of wear of these materials. The goal of this work is a preliminary study of phase
formation by X-ray diffraction analysis in two types of refractories currently used in steel
ladle, Al2O3-MgO-C applied on hot metal line and MgO-C applied on slag line. The work was
carried out comparing the refractories materials before and after use. The results showed the
formation of news phases mainly in refractory both material analyzed.
Keywords: Steel ladle, Wear mechanisms, Refractory, X-ray diffraction.
Work Supported by:
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Phase formation in refractory lining of Steel Ladle during the