Resposta de exercícios – 2º ano do Ensino Médio
Unit 2 – Protecting the Amazon
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Questão 1
a) (F) All the states in the North, one state in the Northeast, and
one in the Central-West are part of the Amazon Biome.
a) T
c) (F) The area destroyed in the Amazon biome corresponds to
two times the area of the state of São Paulo.
d) (F) Deforestation, fires, mining, biopiracy, and agro-pasture represent the main environmental problems in the Amazon biome.
Questão 2
2.1 (B) - 2.2 (A)
Questão 3
a) A extensão da área do bioma da Amazônia
b) Percentual da área do bioma em relação à área do país.
c) Área do bioma que já está destruída
d) Espécies de animais na Amazônia
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Questão 1
a) Biology
c) biotechnology
d) Bioengineering
e) Biodiversity
e) biodegradable
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Questão 2
a) Owner / ownership / propriedade
b) Friend / friendship / amizade
c) Relation / relationship / relacionamento
d) Member / membership / associação
e) Champion / championship / campeonato
f) Leader / leadership / liderança
Questão 3
a) membership
b) championship
c) relationship / friendship
d) leadeship
e) friendship / relationship
f) ownweship
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Questão 1
a) Will / come
b) Will land
c) Won’t visit
d) Will / answer
e) won’t express
Questão 2
a)won’t rain
b)will study
c)won’t have
d)won’t play
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Questão 3
b) A: will the chef suggest the main course o four dinner?
B: no, he won’t
c) A: will you accept the job offer?
B: No, I won’t
d) A: Will the girl ask her brother to go with her tonight?
B: Yes, she will.
e) A: Will they enjoy the match next weekend?
B: Yes, they will
f) A: Will the company launch a new product soon?
B: No, it won’t
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Questão 5
a) Will cure some diseases.
b) Will affect us more and more.
c) will support poor young girls.
d) won’t harm the growth of the population.
e) The hacker will gain access to banking accounts.
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Questão 6
a) You won’t be teaching a new group next semester.
Will you be teaching a new group next semester?
No, I/we won’t
b) We won’t call him when we finish our assignment.
Will we call him when we finish our assignment?
Yes, you/we will.
c) The new environmental law won’t have a strong impact on us.
Will the new environmental law have a strong impact on us?
Yes, it will.
d) The young boys won’t be playing soccer at school at nine
Will the young boys be playing soccer at school at nine
No, they won’t
e) Jonathan won’t come later tonight.
Will Jonathan come later tonight?
Yes, he will.
Questão 7
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Questão 1
a) A biopirataria começou na Amazônia logo após a chegada dos
portugueses ao Brasil (quando eles roubaram o segredo dos indígenas de como extrair um pigmento vermelho do pau-brasil).
b) Ele levou sementes de seringueira (Segundo boatos, escondidas entre folhas de bananeira) para um novo plantio nas colônias britânicas da Malásia.
c) Ao contrabandear a planta da América do Sul para Java, em
Questão 2
Questão 3 – Letra B
Questão 4 – Letras C / E / F
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Questão 1
Boat / story / Indians / lifetime / floats
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Questão 2
a)courtroom / judge
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Questão 1 – Letra B
Questão 2 – Letra C
Questão 3 – Letra D
Questão 4 – Letra A
Questão 5 – Letra D
Questão 6 – Letra E
Questão 7 – Letra B
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Questão 8 – Letra A
Questão 9 – Letra C
Questão 10 – Letra E
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Questão 1
Adjectives = incredible / hard / dull / true / late
Adverbs = fast / luckily / ironically / well / far
Questão 2
a) Goes / reads / is reading / don’t expect / agreed
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b) Traveled / stayed / was / are going to enjoy
c) was having / got / was / don’t know / is
Questão 3
a) Adrian woke upa t seven yesterday.
b) Ursula was playing a vide game when her mother called her.
c) Ross often watches fantastic black-and-white movies on the
d) Don’t use cell phones in class.
e) Toby and Pauline are going to travel to the Caribbean in July.
Questão 4
Will be / will cost / will live / won’t be / will be / won’t have
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Questão 5
a) I’ll be doing / I’ll be taking
b) I’ll open
c) I’ll be having
d) Will fly
e) Will be doing
f) ‘ll be thinking
g) Will you all spend
Questão 6
Will be working on the Biology project
I’ll be having lunch with Sarah
Will be doing homework at 1:45
Will be playing volleyball at the club
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Questão 7
a) (F) Between 0,5 and 3,7% of Americans have anorexia.
b) T
c) T
d) (F) 90% of anorexics are female
e) (F) Mortality rates for anorexia increase by roughly 0,5% per
f) T

Resposta de exercícios – 2º ano do Ensino Médio